Choosing a Relevant Expired Domain for SEO

The base for any good private blog network is a collection of relevant domains. You can win working domains at auctions or find and buy expired domains with backlinks, which is often a better idea. Its’ advantage is saving lots of money, its’ disadvantage is that you have to choose wisely and double check the domains.

What Makes a Good Expired Domain?

  • High DA (domain authority).

You determine the numbers yourself, but average good domains have DA of at least 15. The more the better, but more expensive.

  • Registerable TLD.

Choose TLD that can be registered, like com, org, etc.

  • Index in Google.

The ability to be shown in the results.

  • Referring domains.

It’s better to have more than one of them.

Domains with average or lower DA and trust may work too if there are backlinks connected with the field you have business in. But being indexed by Google is crucial.

Why Is Google Index So Important?

To get more visitors, a website has to be included in search results, which means being indexed by a search engine. You can check whether a domain is indexed by putting “” in the search line. Pages of your site have to be first in the results list.

The domain has to be registered to be included in the results, you will see it indexed within 5-15 days after registration. If there are no changes after two weeks and the site still isn’t indexed, then the search engine might have assigned a manual penalty on it, so you’ll have no profit from using it within your PBN.

The penalty is assigned if your domain has spam backlinks or was hacked and filled with viruses.

Checking Domains for Backlink Spam

  1. Checking anchors.

If you find suspicious anchors that sound spammy and contain inappropriate information, move on to the next one at once. Try to avoid domains with more than 30% of gambling, pharmacy, designer clothes related anchors.

  1. Checking top pages.

Make a brief check of the latest pages of the domain. If you see any subdomains or advertisement that looks like spam, it’s better to leave the domain.

  1. Checking backlinks.

Find several latest backlinks and keywords to them. If no keyword is found, look at the page source to find the name of the domain.

Tip: for quality check, use special services you can find online.

Common Difficulties in Searching for a Good Expired Domain

Expired domains are much cheaper than working ones you can find at auctions, which is their great advantage. But there are some difficulties you may encounter while looking for a reliable domain. For example, the registration. It’s not very difficult, but if you’re a newbie in the field, this may cause troubles.

Moreover, you never know whether the domain is spammed before you buy it. It isn’t a big loss of money if you eventually find out it’s hacked or full of spam, especially if you check it before registering. However, you have to be aware that you can buy a domain only at a guess.

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