If Your SEO Efforts Are Failing This is Probably Why

SEO can be extremely confusing and it gets worse if you consider there are times when it’s more volatile than the Bitcoin rate. However, looking at a broader spectrum, there are common mistakes that SEO managers miss. Those can be unseen by them, but they do hurt the website ranks and reduce your efforts to nothing.

Pushing it too hard
If your content is screaming of sales and profit you want to make, it only pushes the clients away. Focus on your audience and their challenges and problems, try to find a solution for them. Now, this might seem hard to implement but will pay back. Actually, now you have a chance to try yourself. Wix is launching a competition for everyone who wants to prove they’re good in this. What you’re supposed to do as a search engine optimization hero is to outsmart the organizers and win $50,000 in the end. Seems like a pretty good deal, considering the fact that a competition of any kind it’s is also an opportunity to learn from the best in their field.


Ctrl C + Ctrl V
There are thousands of pages, articles, blogs that appear daily. What is the probability of having similar content and subjects? If you are not passionate about the thing you are writing on if you can’t bring anything new to the audience or at least to put the old info into more efficient words, then why do this? The content has to be readable, interesting and reach your audience. If they hear the same things in the same format over and over again it gets boring. Bring some life and enthusiasm into your content, connect it with the reader.


Using Black Hat SEO techniques
Sometimes it seems that Black Hat SEO is dead. It was a thing in 2000’s, but is there really anyone using it now? Actually, you yourself unwillingly might do some related things. What is now called keyword stuffing, or even selling links can be considered as Black Hat scheme by Google. A lot of times, when you think you are doing your best, it turns to over optimizing, which can seriously hurt you. The best advice here is again, to focus on the people. Stop thinking about pushing as many keywords as possible. A bottom-up approach would do you better.


Having a non-responsive website
Might seem funny, but even though smartphones and tablets are controlling our lives, many just forget that the most of the search is now happening there (according to the latest info it’s about 60%). If your website is not mobile-friendly, you won’t rank high there. No-one likes those annoying pages that either take too much time to load or don’t look properly on their gadgets. Being adaptive and flexible is still really important and if you just think of it, you will find plenty of examples that many people ignore the gadgets, losing a huge chunk of potential readers, so make sure you don’t miss them.


Working on those tips and making sure neither of those describes you and your SEO experience would certainly help you to progress in the future.

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