The Most Common Footprints That Will Kill Your PBN

What kills PBNs? There is only one certain answer – making mistakes and leaving footprints. When you’re building a strong network of PBN sites, you have to work hard to make it seem legit. It might seem funny, but those mistakes are not unique or easy-to-understand. Quite often, they are defied by pure logic and reasoning. If you want to avoid those and stay on top with your network, you have to familiarize yourself with those.

Checklist of the Worst PBN Mistakes

    • Using the same email providers.
      Right, tons of people use G-mail. But it’s just a one step towards safety, so try to register your emails with different email providers. That is especially true if you have a large network.
    • Using .com only.
      Again, it could be very hard for Google to pin you to the wall using this evidence only. But if you make a bigger mistake, Google will take your email providers and TLDs into consideration.
    • Registering everything on the same day.
      There is a reason why the best PBN setup service providers never do that. Doing everything on the same date is always a bad idea. It’s a large footprint that you can’t change later on. Registering your sites consequently is also not the best option. Choosing random days (longer) would be better.
    • Covering everything.
      Do you want to cover your WhoIs information? Right, you could do that with a part of your network. Actually, covering WhoIs is a pretty sketchy decision on its own, so think about trying it out on some cheap expired domains you bought before you try it on your important sites.
    • Using SEO hosting.
      After it all collapsed it is the worst you can do. When choosing PBN hosting, you have to choose between VPS or shared hosting. It wouldn’t be expensive, but it will save your whole network.
    • Inserting links on the same day.
      Again, doing all of your operations on the same day is very sketchy. What are the chances real sites would do that? Pretty low.

  • Masking IPs.
    You could do this once or twice, but it shouldn’t be a thing you do on the whole network.
  • Blocking Moz.
    Not the brightest idea. Real sites don’t block Moz or Majestic crawlers or other bots. They simply don’t have any reason to do that. So shouldn’t you.
  • Buying wrong aged domains.
    That’s the very beginning and if you’re doing it wrong, it’s a bad start. Don’t run after high DA, but rather check site’s history and reputation. Also, be careful if you want to buy expired domains with backlinks. Sometimes those are cheaper, but you’d have to do plenty of work, checking those links, changing or deleting them.
  • Leaving no contact information.
    It seems that everyone has those Contacts pages now. Guess what it means for you? You have to create one too.
  • Too many links.
    You should use link building, but not exploit it. Adding too many links from your PBN to other sites, you risk being viewed as a spammy site by Google.

When it comes to running a solid PBN, those footprints are your worst enemies. Of course, this is not the full list. The more you know about the mistakes others make, the higher are your chances to avoid all those. Use common sense and run a reality check each time to avoid mistakes.


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