White Hat SEO Specialist

As the name implies, we are an SEO specialist and web design service.

If you know a little bit about SEO, then you probably know about the various nefarious practices that are used to boost a site’s rank artificially. This is ‘black hat’ SEO.

Suffice to say, this comes with risks. Tactics that might be very successful in the short term, do not always win out in the end.

If you think of growing your website as a marathon, rather than a sprint, then these are nothing more than a sugary pill to give you a temporary shot in the arm, when what you really need is sustenance for the long journey ahead.

In other words, it pays to do it right and doing it right means playing by the rules. Ultimately, you cannot afford to be banned by Google.

This would be the kiss of death to any web based business. What you need is help to grow your site and make sure it abides by the rules of all the search engines. This is known as ‘white hat SEO’.

So, what are Google and other search engines are looking for, when they rank a site?


We write and supply quality content. This means well written copy, proofread and spell checked websites.

It also means frequent updates and well-designed pages, which work properly.


High quality links, which add something to your website, still matter in 2017 to search engines.

Our service can help make sure the resources and links on your page are working and relevant.


It needs to be easy for a visitor to get from one page to another, without using the back button. There should be a working menu and the site should be a pleasure to use.


With our help, we can identify the right keywords and how to use them effectively on your website


Being visible and getting ranked by search engines, now means making sure that your site works fully and properly on a mobile device.

More people than ever now use a mobile phone or tablet as their primary mode of using the internet and more than that, they are using it while they are out and about to shop better.

48% of people looking to buy something on their mobile device, will begin by using a search engine. So, it matters like never before that your business can be easily found by a search engine.

We can make your website mobile friendly.